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The Best Alabama Divorce Lawyer


One of the worst things a human being has to go through is this: divorce. And likewise, sometimes there are some issues in divorce that no one would want to deal with. Unfortunately processes don’t always go smoothly in divorce, in this case when it involves divorce in Alabama, which will then lead to the appropriate decision for either a Plaintiff or Defendant:


Hire the best possible AL divorce lawyer.


More often than not, issues will arise in a divorce that an experienced Alabama divorce lawyer will have to handle. So no Plaintiff or Defendant needs to go into it alone. The fact is this: no Plaintiff or Defendant should.


An experienced AL divorce lawyer is crucial to making sure that a divorce proceeding goes smoothly. There are important steps to take in finding the best Alabama divorce lawyer for the job, though….


Here Are the Steps to Finding the Best AL Divorce Lawyer


Recognize this, before we move along, though: these won’t be easy steps. Finding suitable Alabama divorce lawyers can be a lengthy process.


But think of it this way: the harder a client works in finding experienced AL divorce lawyers to choose from, the harder the final attorney hired for the job will work in making sure everything is set right and fair in a divorce petition.


So let’s get to work:


• The Correct Research

• Free Consultations

• Consider Rates and Fees

• And Then Make the Final Decision


That’s basically it. And if it seems too simple, know that when a client’s in the thick of all these steps, the work will really show – and quite frankly Alabama divorce lawyers will appreciate a client that makes sure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed.


The first step to this process follows:


The Research Matters


Finding AL divorce lawyers isn’t an easy job. But for starters, a client can look in the phone book.


The purpose, though, for finding a good shortlist of Alabama divorce lawyers isn’t to simply pick from the litter. It’s to gather contact information. The Yellow Pages is particularly good for that, because all the listings practically spell it out for you in alphabetical order.


Simply look for “Attorneys” in the book, find listings under “Attorneys” for anything that says “Family Law.” Typically, the Family Law niche in the legal industry deals with all sorts of issues with families, such as divorce.


What a client’s going to do when setting up the shortlist, though, is to not blindly jot down every possible contact on the page. Rather, a good shortlist should be five, maybe six possible AL divorce lawyers in the area. And typically, these listings will have only the basic necessary information.


No 1-800 numbers, bold words, capital letters, language that ‘sells,’ or exclamation points. Truly experienced Alabama divorce lawyers won’t try and ‘sell’ themselves to a client.


Now if the Yellow Pages come up short on a client’s list, the next step is to check the internet. In fact, even if the shortlist looks good, go ahead and research on the internet anyway! A client can find valuable nuggets of information on the Alabama attorneys already on the list by looking through everything from attorney web sites to forums listing attorney reviews to even the State Bar Association web site to make sure all the attorneys on the list are actually licensed.


Furthermore, a client can even ask friends and family for relatives or friends in the legal field that may be able to represent, possibly at a discounted price. Plus, obviously, especially with a divorce petition, the loyalty with that kind of attorney on a client’s side will definitely be there; and that contributes to making sure a divorce petition goes particularly well for a client, Plaintiff or Defendant.


The next step, though, can be probably more important:


It’s Called the Free Consultation


Unless a client has found an attorney within the family or one that happens to be a trusted friend, getting that free consultation is essential. Why?


Because it allows both the attorney and client to better know what’s going on – the details of the case and the experience of the lawyer. Typically such meetings may last an hour or two, but it’s worth it. Depending on how the meeting goes, it may drastically reduce a shortlist to two, maybe three, lawyers, or it can give a client a better idea of who will be at the top or bottom of the list.


Some common questions clients can ask would include:


• Where did you get your law degree?

• How many clients do you represent?

• How many of your clients have won their cases?

• Do you represent husbands or wives?

• Do you represent Plaintiffs or Defendants?


And, of course, probably the most important question….


• How much do you charge?


Which Brings Us to the Next Step: Considering Payment


There are three forms of payment typically used among practicing attorneys:


• The “Retainer” Fee

• The Hourly Rate

• The “Contingency” Fee


Because a “contingency” fee is generally a percentage of a settlement awarded after a case is closed, a client can nix that one off the list. Typically, settlements aren’t an issue in divorce cases.


“Retainer” fees and hourly rates generally apply. And some lawyers even charge both ways.


A “retainer” is simply a large down payment for services even before the casework begins. The basic bottom line with this form of payment is a client will need to save up some money before considering this.


The hourly rate, though, can be easier to handle – but if the case is especially severe, those hours can add up.


Either way a client looks at it, this can help prepare a client to make the right decision….


That’s the Last Step: the Decision


For most divorce cases, honestly a Plaintiff or Defendant can go into a courtroom without a lawyer. But if a client’s case is especially difficult to handle, know this: it’s important to have one in the state of Alabama.


So be sure to hire one. It may make a divorce petition go from a pain to at least a working process that hopefully will turn out okay in the future, with no massive headaches.