Guide to Finding Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Guide to Finding Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Guide to Finding Cerebral Palsy Lawyer
Do I need Representation for my Cerebral Palsy?

       Cerebral palsy is a medical ailment caused by permanent brain damage that occurs before, during or just after birth. The primary effect of the disease is characterized by a lack of muscle control and abnormal body coordination or movement. Although cerebral palsy is not a progressive disease of the brain, the effects of the disease can gradually change over the years. 

       A cerebral palsy lawyer is a type of personal injury attorney, who will seek—through the filing of a lawsuit—compensation for medical negligence as it relates to the diagnosis or treatment of cerebral palsy. The majority of cerebral palsy lawsuits are filed by an inflicted child’s parents; if a child is wrongly treated or diagnosed and negligence can be proven, a cerebral palsy lawyer will file a claim for compensation against the underlying medical practitioner. 

       Although the causes of cerebral palsy are somewhat broad, the disease has been linked to the genetic history of both the mother and child, as well as to accidents that cause brain damage. Cerebral palsy is a group of medical conditions that impede bodily movement and coordination. Although the causes of the disorder are relatively unknown, if the condition was perpetuated by negligence, it is important that you seek the aid of a cerebral palsy attorney. 

       Cerebral palsy is typically diagnosed soon after birth; however, the condition may show up later in childhood. Diagnosing the condition will require an evaluation of the patient’s medical history, a series of diagnostic tests and an assessment of the individual’s motor skills. If the cause of the condition is revealed and a medical doctor is found to be fault for the disorder, you may file a claim through a cerebral palsy attorney to seek compensation. 

       There are four different forms of cerebral palsy: athetoid, ataxic, mixed and spastic. Each condition will yield varying symptoms and effects. Before consulting with cerebral palsy lawyers you should understand the intricacies associated with the condition. 
If you have concerns regarding your child’s cerebral palsy was triggered by medical negligence or a doctor’s mistake, a cerebral palsy lawyer will file a claim to investigate the practitioner’s diagnosis or treatment.
The Legal Process Associated with Cerebral Palsy Claims:

       If you feel as though your child has contracted cerebral policy because of a doctor’s negligence or misguided actions, you should contact a cerebral palsy lawyer to discuss your legal options. During your initial phone call, cerebral palsy lawyers will discuss the medical treatment that the mother and child received while at the hospital. This information is essential to conduct a preliminary review of a potential claim. You will be asked the details of the mother’s pregnancy, delivery and the condition of the child at the time of delivery and shortly thereafter. The following questions may be posed by your prospective cerebral palsy attorney:

When did the mother begin prenatal care

Did the mother deliver near her expected due date?

Was the baby breathing properly during the delivery?
If the child was already diagnosed with the condition, cerebral palsy lawyers will ask more specific questions including:

When was the baby diagnosed with cerebral palsy?

Can you list all therapies and surgeries the child has been through?

What diagnostic examinations were performed and what were the child’s results?

       These questions are a part of a free consultation that is offered by the majority of cerebral palsy lawyers. Unfortunately, if the cerebral palsy lawyer, upon evaluation of this assessment, views the diagnosis or treatment in line with what is medically recommended or acceptable, your case will not be undertaken. 
What Should I look for in a Cerebral palsy Lawyer?

       Because the subject matter aligned with these cases is extremely sensitive, you will need to find a cerebral palsy lawyer who you are comfortable with. You must develop a relationship with the cerebral palsy lawyer, because this claim represents a huge moment in your life—the ability to secure a settlement for medical negligence will enable you to provide adequate care for your child in the future. 

       If your case has been accepted by a cerebral palsy lawyer you must schedule a sit-down with the individual to go over the legal process. During this meeting, you must take note of the individual’s personality; connecting with your cerebral palsy lawyer is fundamental in developing a sound strategy. If your prospective cerebral palsy lawyer is curt, rude or indifferent to your case, you should not hire the individual. You want someone affable, engaging and passionate; cerebral palsy lawyers must fight for their clients to ensure the development of a sound case. 

       In addition to feeling comfortable with your prospective cerebral palsy lawyer, you want to choose an individual who is experienced with the legal process. The more experience a cerebral palsy lawyer has, the more informed the individual will be in regards to the filing process and the ability to gauge negligence. The crux of your prospective settlement falls in the determination of negligent actions. If your cerebral palsy lawyer can prove a medical practitioner’s negligence you can secure a settlement. 
Experience and the cerebral palsy lawyer’s personality should outweigh the individual’s educational background. Although you want to hire someone who went to a respectable undergraduate and graduate school, the number of settlements the individual has won trumps his or her scholastic achievements. 

Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Fees:

       As mentioned earlier, the majority of cerebral palsy lawyers will operate under a contingency schedule. This pay structure will award cerebral palsy lawyers a hefty fee if a settlement is obtained; the cerebral palsy lawyer will take a flat percentage of the settlement as outlined in your pay agreement. If the case is not won, you will only pay the court fees associated with the filing—the cerebral palsy lawyer will not be paid a fee for a losing claim if a retainer agreement was not affirmed. 
Ataxic Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

       Ataxic cerebral palsy accounts for approximately 7 to 10% of all cerebral palsy cases. In this form of the condition, the cerebellum (part of the brain that maintains balance and coordination) is severed. An ataxic cerebral palsy lawyer is a legal specialist who files claims for the mistreatment or misdiagnosis of the specific condition. Typically, ataxic cerebral palsy develops before, during or just after birth and the causes vary, but may precipitate by medical negligence. If you feel that your child developed the condition as a result of negligence, you must contact an ataxic cerebral palsy lawyer. 

       An ataxic cerebral palsy lawyer will investigate your situation and subsequently file a lawsuit if the individual believes your child developed the condition as a result of a medical doctor’s negligence or recklessness. The ataxic cerebral palsy lawyer will typically operate under a contingency platform and will attempt to seek payment for the costs (medical, opportunity and psychological costs) associated with the condition. 
Athetoid Cerebral Palsy Lawyers:

       Althetoid Cerebral palsy affects between ten and twenty percent of cerebral policy victims. This type of cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the cerebellum or basal ganglia. These areas of the brain help maintain coordination and body posture. As a result, people with this condition demonstrate uncontrollable, slow, writhing movements of the limbs, face and tongue. 

       An athetoid cerebral palsy lawyer is a specialist who will initiate claims for the mistreatment or misdiagnosis of the specific condition. Athetoid cerebral palsy lawyers; however, will only file claims if the condition was triggered by a negligent or reckless action on part of the child’s medical caretakers or practicioner. If you feel that your child developed the condition as a result of negligence or mistreatment, you must contact an athetoid cerebral palsy lawyer to begin the legal process. 
An athetoid cerebral palsy lawyer will most likely operate under a contingency fee schedule; the athetoid cerebral palsy lawyer will only get paid if a settlement is secured. The filings initiated by athetoid cerebral palsy lawyers are to recoup the costs associated with the development of the life-altering condition. 




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