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Guide to Finding Custody Lawyer

Guide to Finding Custody Lawyer

A Child Custody Lawyer is an attorney who specializes in actions that are litigated in family court that deal with matters involving the welfare of children.  The Child Custody Lawyer is most commonly associated with divorce proceedings but the Child Custody Lawyer will also be present in actions involving parental rights, privileges, guardianship and other child custody matters.  The standard for that a Child Custody Lawyer is held to is what is in the best interest of the child.  Often a Child Custody Lawyer will take the form of a guardian ad litem.  This is a Child Custody Lawyer who is appointed by the court, usually in matters of child abuse and neglect to seek the best result for the child, even if that means removing that child from parental custody.
Pro Bono Custody Lawyers
A Pro Bono Child Custody Lawyer is one that performs these services free of charge.  Child Custody Lawyers are often required by the state to do a certain number of hours of pro bono work per year.  A Pro Bono Child Custody Lawyer will offer their services, usually to parents of children, who cannot afford a Child Custody Lawyer of their own.