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Guide to Finding Georgia Injury Lawyer

Guide to Finding Georgia Injury Lawyer

What is a Georgia injury lawyer?
A Georgia injury lawyer is an attorney, in the state of Georgia, who practices in the area known as tort law. Tort law is comprised of civil actions against individuals for their intentional or, most often, negligent actions that result in injury to others.  Georgia injury lawyers practice in all types of personal injury litigation.  If you were injured in an automobile accident, slip & fall, or due to negligence on the part of your employer, or you were intentionally injured by another then a Georgia injury lawyer will help you get the compensation that you deserve to help you pay for medical bills, lost work, pain and suffering and any other costs that are associated with the injury.
A Georgia injury lawyer must be knowledgeable about the nuances of Georgia law that make it different from personal injury actions in other states.  Some examples of the differing laws that a Georgia injury lawyers must be aware of are:
1. Georgia follows the modified comparative negligence standard when litigating personal injuries. This means that a plaintiff’s recovery is reduced by the percentage of his, or her, fault that led to the injury.  However, if the plaintiff is found to be 51% liable for the injuries then it will bar recovery by the plaintiff.  For example, if you are in a car accident and you suffer $100,000 worth of injuries due to the negligence of another you will be entitled to $100,000 in damages. However if it is found that you were %20 at fault then you will only recover $80,000. If you are found to be more than 50% negligent in causing your own injury then you will be barred from recovery. 
2. Georgia also follows the last clear chance doctrine.  The last clear chance doctrine states that if the plaintiff had a clear opportunity to avoid the accident at the last moment then he, or she, will be barred from recovery.
3. Georgia does not recognize joint & several liability.
4. For most personal injury claims Georgia  has a 2 year statute of limitations from the date that the injury was discovered, or should have been discovered.  However, the State of Georgia will not allow more than 5 years to file a claim.
5. Georgia law also has a cap on non-economic damages.  As of 2005 the cap on non-economic damages at $350,000 per defendant, not to exceed $1.05 million from all defendants.
6. One more distinction in Georgia personal injury law is that Georgia has a very liberal “one-bite rule.” The one-bite rule allows a dog to have one bite before a defendant may claim negligence on the part of the owner.  According to Georgia law there are two grounds for an animal owner to be found liable for its dogs bite.  The first is the scienter ground, the other is the ordinance ground.  
Why do I need a Georgia  injury lawyer?
If you have been injured by the actions of another, whether negligent or intentional, you need a Georgia injury lawyer. For the reasons stated earlier, a Georgia injury lawyer has knowledge of the differences between Georgia law and those of other states that you, or an attorney outside of Georgia, will be unfamiliar with.
A Georgiainjury lawyer has the knowledge and expertise to properly litigate your Georgia injury action. Depending on how your personal injury claim came about the defendant may, or may not, have Georgia injury lawyers provided by their insurance carrier representing them. The insurance companies have experienced teams of lawyers who practice solely in personal injury actions.
A Georgia injury lawyer will also have experience practicing in personal injury cases similar to yours. Most Georgia injury lawyers practice solely in the area of tort law so when you get representation by a Georgia injury lawyer you are getting someone with extensive knowledge of personal injury actions, what strategies to use, the right investigators and expert witnesses to hire, and how to negotiate a lucrative settlement.
Qualifications & Experience
When looking for a Georgia injury lawyer you should evaluate the experience and qualifications of each possible representative. There are many resources available for finding Georgia injury lawyers from the websites of Goergia injury lawyers, advertisements on television, referral services, and legal aide services. You will have a long list of possible Georgia injury lawyers who will be willing to represent you. You should only take on those Georgia injury lawyers who meet the right qualifications.
Your Georgia injury lawyer should be barred in the state of Georgia, in good standing, have no disciplinary actions taken against them, and be a graduate of an accredited law school in the United States. Your Georgia injury lawyer should also have a long history of litigation in personal injury actions specific to your case. If you are involved in a dog bite case your Goergia injury lawyer should be experienced in litigating dog bite cases. The same for automobile accident cases and medical malpractice cases.
Rates & Fees
Rates and fees associated with Georgia injury actions are based on a contingency basis. This means that your Georgia injury lawyer will not receive a dime in compensation unless you are given an award or a settlement. You will, however, be responsible for the fees that will be associated with your litigation. This includes the cost of investigators, expert witnesses and other costs of litigation including copies, faxes, and sometimes the costs of the attorneys staff will be imposed on the client. When meeting with a Georgia injury lawyer you should make sure that you know the fees that you will be responsible for; get them in writing; and get updates on a periodic basis as to how much the litigation is costing you.