Guide to Finding International Lawyer

Guide to Finding International Lawyer

Guide to Finding International Lawyer
What does an International Lawyer do?

       An International lawyer is a general term for a number of different types of lawyers who practice law involving more than one country.  International lawyers can focus their practice on a number of international issues including international business, international trade, international tax, and international law.  

       International law is a very complex issue that requires the use of an international lawyer to negotiate the differences in procedures, laws, and customs of other countries.  

       International trade law focuses primarily on regulations, laws, international agreements, and practices involving the trading of goods and services between nations.  International lawyers will usually be employed in the private sector by businesses conducting international trade and will also work for the federal government in drafting laws pertaining to trade between nations.
When do I need an international lawyer?

       You might need an international lawyer if you are a business that deals with the trade of goods or services between foreign nations.  International lawyers are the first line in your negotiations with foreign business involving any type of contract.  The laws are often completely different and you need someone versed in that nations customs in order to make sure that your contract is withing the bounds of the laws of both countries involved.

       An international lawyer can help with all aspects of international trade.  International lawyers will be able help with customs importations, complying with international agreements and even help you with social customs when negotiating agreements.

       When international agreements and domestic policy relating to foreign trade are made it is the job of the international lawyer to read, understand and inform his or her employer about the current international policies and ensure that the companies practices are in line with these formalities.

       You will also need an international lawyer when dealing with patents in foreign nations.  The United States follows the first to invent system while most of the international community follows the first to file system.  If you have a business you will that deals with innovation and intellectual property you will want an international lawyer who is an expert at international patent litigation in order to protect your intellectual property rights in foreign nations.

       There is no such thing as binding international law but there are still numerous international treaties that must be complied with.  An international lawyer should be familiar with all international trade  agreements, United States trade laws, embargos and every other aspect of international agreements.
What do International Lawyers who work for the government do?

       International lawyers who work for the government are active in negotiating trade policies with foreign nations.  The federal government creates policy, subsides,and trade agreements dealing with the importation and exportation of goods and services between the United States and foreign nations.  The goal of the government in international trade is to make trade between the United States and foreign  countries fair for American consumers and industry.  Tariffs are used to protect American businesses from overseas competition by requiring imported goods to have a tax levied upon them.  By making foreign goods more expensive American businesses can afford to compete in the domestic market.  In contrast, subsidies are government payments to manufacturers to help produce products for overseas sales.  The lesser expenses taken by the manufacturers, due to subsidies, result in lower prices on goods that are sold overseas. 

       These international trade policies cause contention between foreign nations and businesses and the United States.  Part of the job of international lawyers working for the government is to help negotiate these policies so as to deter conflict between nations.  
Qualifications & Experience

       When seeking an international lawyer(s) for your business you will want to do extensive research to find the international lawyers who will best fit your company.  Most importantly you will wan an international lawyer who is barred in your state.  Even if an international lawyer has a law degree does not mean that he or she is able to represent you in litigation in your state.

       Aside from just being a barred attorney you will also want to seek an international lawyer who has international experience.  Having studied law abroad is a positive attribute.  Most law schools have study abroad programs that result in an international law certificate.  You will also want an international lawyer that is fluent in foreign languages.  You should determine what countries you most associate with and retain an international lawyer who is fluent in that language and preferably is an expert in the customs of that nation.
Fees & Rates

       Fees and Rates associated with international lawyers are based on salary.  International lawyers are normally retained by employers on a permanent basis.  The salaries associated with international lawyers average in the 6 figures.  
What questions do I want to ask an international lawyer?

       When you are seeking an international lawyer for your trade or business you should consider asking a number of specific questions.  International lawyers are diverse and it is important that you find an international lawyer that fits your needs perfectly.  Specific questions that you should ask a potential international lawyer include:

Where did you go to law school?

Were you ever involved in an international law program abroad?

Have you ever lived in the specific foreign country?  For how long?

Are you fluent in the specific language?

Are you familiar with the WTO, and international agreements involving trade policies?

Have you ever worked for international businesses in the past?

How long have you been practicing?

Have you ever worked for the government in international relations?




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