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Guide to Finding Marriage Lawyer

The Muse of Marriage and the Making of Law

Whether getting married soon, planning a farther off wedding, or already in the blissful harmony of civil union, it’s never too late to familiarize oneself with marriage law. As marriage law changes over time, by state, country, citizenship and residency status, it is important to fine comb the regulations that allow for continued matrimonial union in conjunction with the law that has or will be upholding that union. Thus, finding a marriage lawyer should be on the wedding planner’s list to-do-list, or on the already married couple’s shared refrigerator list. Knowing marriage laws help to protect the rights and benefits of joining in the sanctity or matrimony and ensure that none of the rights and privileges that come with legal marriages are abused.

Marriage lawyers can provide useful information first and foremost on the legal definition of marriage, which is defined as a contract entered by man and woman (and sometimes between same sex couples) establishing their intent to be viewed as husband and wife (or domestic, married partners in the case of same sex couples) in the eyes of the law. Marriage lawyers will also be able to shed light on other crucial issues when two people begin to entertain the thought of such a union, and even if they already have and want to guarantee the safeguarding of their own rights, their partner’s rights, and their children’s rights. In contacting a Marriage Lawyer, an individual or a couple will be given useful information and counsel in all things pertaining to marriage law such as:

• Marriage licenses and the paperwork that must accompany the legal acknowledgement of this kind of union before and after the ceremony takes place

• Name changes and subsequent forms that must be submitted

• Age of Consent

• Waiting period

• If any physician exams or blood tests are required

• Change in citizenship or residency status

• Who can legally get married and where

• Prenuptial or premarital  agreements

• The rightful ownership of marriage money and property, what falls under the umbrella of community property, and after how long

• The rights of out of wedlock, or out of marriage children, as opposed to legitimate children

• The legal rights of same sex marriage, along with when and where they are employed and upheld

• The differences between legal marriages, common law marriages, civil unions, and a variety of partnerships,  and living situations that will suit a multitude of needs and lifestyles

• Who is authorized to perform a marriage ceremony

• The rights and responsibilities of each parent or guardian in the union to each child

• Separate and joint accounts  between the two people

• What happens posthumously to the remaining half of a legally married union once one has departed, and what becomes or changes for the children, partner, estate, and finances that were left behind after the passing

• Filing tax returns, dependents, independents, and liabilities

• Spousal support

• Alimony

As a marriage lawyer should be familiar with the customs and traditions of a variety of types and functions of marriages that exist all over the world, he or she will be able to inform the interested parties on what changes may occur in their legal marriage if they were married elsewhere, and what, if any preconditions are legally upheld by the institution of marriage in the United States.  Both opposite sex and same sex couples whose intention it is to marry abroad, or obtain foreign licenses to wed before return to the United States should first meet with a Marriage Lawyer, as should couples who are devised of at least one party who isn’t yet a citizen. Marriage lawyers will also have access to an official translator in order to transcribe all official documents into English, and an interpreter, so that non-native speakers of English will enjoy the comforts of addressing the protection of their individual rights, and their rights in their impending or pre-existing union in their native language.

As bigamy is a violation of cannon law in the United  States for the crime of taking a wife or husband still living, while divorce from a previous marriage has yet to be affected, a marriage lawyer will ensure that optimal condition for being and staying legally married are met to avoid conflict, and any possible chance for legal woe.  In seeking an attorney of this kind, the soon-to-be partners, or the soon-to-be husband and wife will be given the opportunity to explore a few options in order to gage the best possible legal arrangement for their lifestyle. The Marriage Lawyer works to make sure that the seeking parties know the difference between the two types of marriages: civil and religious, so that they can choose which union most accommodates their needs and their concerns.  Even as religious marriages take place in an altogether different setting, and are faith based, they often must be licensed and recognized by the state. And although civil marriages are not ordained under religious law, they are respected nonetheless.

If a couple is disinclined to become legally married, but still wants to know how to protect their rights and their partner’s rights, the Marriage Lawyer they entreat for aid in their particular predicament will advise them of their options, one of which includes petitioning for the rights of a Common Law Marriage. Before doing so, a couple has to meet certain requirements pertaining to where they live that usually include

• Having lived together

• Having conducted themselves in the same way that a legally married couple would

• Having had no official marriage take place in the past

If a couple can attest that their action together has constituted that as a Common Law Marriage would determine necessary for the title, then they can apply with the help of a Marriage Lawyer and be viewed as legally married in the eyes of the law, despite not having license, certificate, or ceremony.As with all matters of litigation, interested parties should invest as much time in chosing a Marriage Lawyer as they do in planning a future together, as the legal aid of such a qualified lawyer will prove to be indispensable.