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Guide to Finding Nevada Lawyer

Guide to Finding Nevada Lawyer

What is a Nevada Lawyer?
       A Nevada lawyer is an attorney who is barred in the state of Nevada and is permitted to practice law within the state.  In order to be a Nevada lawyer an individual must have graduated from an accredited law school within the United States or have done comparable training that meets the standard requirement of the Nevada Bar Association.  In order to be barred in the state of Nevada a Nevada lawyer must have passed the bar exam, the MPRE and have passed the character and fitness evaluation performed by the state.
       The bar exam in Nevada  is a two day exam.  The first day of the Nevada bar exam involves 8 essay questions prepared by the Nevada Board of Bar Examiners.  These 8 essays can cover up to 14 possible legal subjects.  In addition, the applicant will complete at least 1 MPT question.  The MPT is an exam prepared by the National Board of Bar Examiners that analyzes an applicants ability to take substantive law and evidence and create a legal document succinctly analyzing the legal problem.  The second day of the bar exam in Nevada  is the Multi-State Bare Exam.  This exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions taken by applicants throughout the United States.  The topics covered in the multi-state bar exam include:
criminal law & procedure
constitutional law
       In addition to passing the bar exam, a Nevada lawyer applicant must pass the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam, or MPRE.  The MPRE is a standardized 60 multiple choice question exam that gauges an applicants ability to understand and implement ethical situations dealing with the practice of law.  The questions encompass areas including fees, advertising, privileges, disclosure and a number of other issues that examine the applicants ability to practice law.  Nevada requires a passing score of 85 in order to become a Nevada Lawyer barred in the state.  This is the highest score required by any state other than California and Utah.
       The final step to becoming a Nevada Lawyer is to meet the character and fitness qualifications of the Nevada Bar Association.  Due to the high position of responsibility that comes with the privilege of practicing law each state requires an individual to submit a character and fitness form that is evaluated by a state commission.  This form will consist of all relevant information that will enable the bar association to investigate the applicant and determine whether they are worthy of the ability to practice law.  The bar association will ask for all relevant information including criminal record, previous addresses, educational background and military service.  The character and fitness commission will also request fingerprinting and official transcripts from educational institutions.  As a Nevada Lawyer, an individual is held to higher standard of conduct because of the ability of an attorney to take advantage of those individuals who are not familiar with the law.
Where can I find if a Nevada Lawyer is in good standing?
       If you are contemplating hiring a Nevada Lawyer it is best to do your own homework first.  You will want to make sure that the Nevada Lawyer who is going to represent you is properly licensed and in good standing in the state.  If you want to find information on the standing of a Nevada Lawyer you should go to the Nevada Bar Associations website at www.nvbar.org.  There you will be able to search for Nevada lawyers by contact information, location or area of practice.  By going to the website you should be able to uncover any information concerning the Nevada lawyers  ability to practice law and any disciplinary actions pertaining to the Nevada Lawyer.
How do I report Disciplinary Action against Nevada Lawyers?
       Disciplinary actions against Nevada Lawyers are serious matters. Nevada Lawyers are responsible for upholding the ethical and legal aspects of the profession on a 24/7 basis.  If a Nevada lawyer is not upholding his ethical responsibilities or is deficient in his or her ability to represent you then that matter should be brought to the attention of the Nevada Bar Association.  You must file a complaint against a Nevada lawyer directly, and in writing, to the State Bar of Nevada Office of Bar Counsel.  Your complaint should include: the name of the Nevada lawyer; description of the case the lawyer was involved in; chronological timeline of events leading to the belief that disciplinary charges were necessary; names of witnesses and other parties; necessary documentation; and the name and address of the complainant.  If the Office of  Bar Counsel, after concluding its  investigation, feels that the allegations are credible then they will prosecute the Nevada  Lawyer for disciplinary sanctions.  At all times from the beginning of an investigation up to the prosecution for disciplinary action by the Office of Bar Counsel the matter is confidential.  
       If the complaint results in disciplinary action against the Nevada Lawyer then the matter will become public record that can be discovered on the Nevada Bar Associations website. To report disciplinary complaints to the Nevada Bar Association you should mail your complaint to one of two locations:
State Bar of Nevada Office of Bar Counsel   State Bar of Nevada Office of Bar Counsel
600 E. Charleston St. 9456 Double R. Blvd. Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89104 Reno, NV 89521
(702) 382-2200 775-329-4100
What questions should I ask a Nevada Lawyer?
When you are interviewing Nevadai Lawyers about possible representation you should have a number of specific questions ready to ask, including:
Where did you go to law school?
Are you barred in the state of Nevada
Have you ever been disciplined by an bar association?
How often do you handle cases like mine?
Will you be handling my case personally?
What do you see as the problem with my case?
What do you see as the result of this litigation?
Are you familiar with the court procedures and personnel in the filing jurisdiction?
       Nevada is one of the fastest growing states in the Union and has a fast growing population of Lawyers.  Nevada lawyers must be barred in the state of Nevada and have taken and passed the bar exam, the MPRE, and show exemplary character and fitness.  How do you find a Nevada Lawyer?  Nevada Lawyers can be found through a rudimentary internet search.  There are all different types of lawyers Nevada has to offer especially for the growing specialities in immigration and property law in the state.  Laws.com offers a referral service where you can give information about your specific problem and laws.com will contact you about lawyers in Nevada that can be helpful.
Lawyers in Nevada
       If you’re looking for lawyers in Nevada then you can obtain the information you need through an internet search.  Lawyers in Nevada advertise in newspapers, magazines and often have their own websites.  Depending on your legal problem there will be a plethora of Lawyers in Nevada who can help you.  When looking for Lawyers in Nevada you should sit back and figure out what your need are; how much you are willing to pay; how complicated the issue is; and how much you have at stake.  After answering these questions you should set up interviews with at least a few lawyers in Nevada who meet your criteria.  It is also beneficial to contact the Nevada Bar Association and take advantage of their referral service.  The Nevada Bar Association keeps a list of all lawyers in the state who are barred and in good standing along with their specialty areas.  Taking advantage of their referral service will cost you nothing.  The only cost will be a fee of no more than $45 for a half hour consultation with lawyers in Nevada.