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Guide to Finding New York Bankruptcy Lawyer

Guide to Finding New York Bankruptcy Lawyer

How do I find a New York Bankruptcy Lawyer?
Unfortunately, the affects of a poor economy are far reaching, as many people find it harder to make ends meet.  New York has not avoided the affects, as cost of living in New York City is extremely high and many small businesses are failing upstate.  A New York bankruptcy lawyer should be found if any of the following pertain to you:
– If you are struggling to keep up with any bill payments, mortgages, credit card bills, or student loan payments.  
– If you are constantly being contacted by creditors or bill collectors.  
– If you are facing insolvency, in which your assets are worth less than the debts you owe.  
When you are facing any of the above or if you believe you are at risk for any of the above, you should find a qualified New York bankruptcy lawyer who will provide you with the proper information for you to make important financial decisions.  
What to tell your attorney
In order to properly evaluate your case, your lawyer will need to be provided all possible information about your financial history.  Be prepared to discuss all of your assets, any property you may own, and the total amounts and details of debts owed.  You will also need to provide some insight about your expenses for the necessities you and your family require.  Because of the importance of a detailed accounting of this information, you should ensure that any financial information is as accurate as possible.   
Where to look for an attorney
New York bankruptcy lawyers can often be readily found through advertisements in their practicing regions and lawyer listing services.  Advertisements can be found on television, radio, newspapers, and even solicitations through the mail.  While you can and should use these advertisements for finding the names and locations of available lawyers, it is very important that you do not rely on the promises and claims they may make.  Instead, you must find out additional information about the qualifications and experience of any lawyer before hiring them.  You can ask others in your community about the lawyer’s services and reputation.  The internet can provide a wealth of information, however sorting through bad information makes the internet a difficult source to use.  
This website provides many valuable resources for those looking for a New York bankruptcy lawyer.  Click on the search tab to find and compare lawyers in your area.  You can also ask questions to legal professionals who can help guide you through the lawyer selection process.  
Do I need a specialist?
Bankruptcy law is a highly specialized area of the law that requires specific knowledge and experience.  Bankruptcy requires knowledge of accounting and finance principles as well as legal work.  Only entrust your finances to a proven professional who has helped others through bankruptcy proceedings.  Otherwise, you may risk doing more harm than good which can have severe economic consequences for you and your family.  
Preparing for an appointment
It is always important to prepare for any meeting with a legal professional no matter what type of legal issue you are having.  When you are thinking about bankruptcy, it is even more important that you prepare for your meeting, as you will need to provide your New York bankruptcy lawyer with a detailed account of your financial and economic standing.  You should be prepared to bring in documents that show your monthly payments, how much you still owe for particular items, your home value, and how far behind you are on payments.  On top of this, you must also be ready to discuss the details of your finances in detail.  Review and double check specific dates, amounts, and any other detailed facts so that your lawyer gets the proper information to help you.  
The preparation of questions can be a great way to get you and your lawyer to engage in discussion that gets the lawyer the information he or she needs while also getting you the answers you need.  
Evaluating Experience & Education
All New York bankruptcy lawyers must graduate from an accredited law school, pass the New York State Bar examination, and meet an ethical review by the New York State Bar Association.  While these are all the basic requirements needed in order to practice law in the state of New York, it is important you find a lawyer of a qualified bankruptcy lawyer who has had prior experience helping other clients file for bankruptcy.  
Advertisements should never be your only source of information when seeking a bankruptcy lawyer.  Instead, use unbiased sources to ensure that your lawyer is qualified and that you are in good hands.  The time and effort spent finding a good lawyer will both ensure that your finances are protected while assuring you that your legal issues will be properly resolved.  
Personality & Values
Any well qualified New York bankruptcy lawyer will be able to provide important financial advice and advise you on whether you should try to go for bankruptcy.  Once you and your lawyer come up with a plan, your lawyer will be able to make all of the proper filings for bankruptcy.  They will need to make appearances on your behalf in front of the bankruptcy judge and will work through any problems in having your bankruptcy approved
Be wary of any fees that seem unreasonable or unethical behavior.  Your lawyer should spend time on your case, meet all necessary deadlines, and keep you updated on your case.  If you feel your lawyer is not properly representing you or is acting inappropriately, approach the lawyer and try to work it out.  If this does not seem like a good option, going to the New York State Bar Association for advice or to file a grievance if need be.  
Rates, Fees & Retainers
New York bankruptcy must take their fees before supplying any legal work for their clients, due to the fact that they cannot become a creditor once a client files for bankruptcy.  This means that a New York bankruptcy lawyer will require and upfront fee, which will usually be an agreed upon flat fee, for their services.  It is important that you calculate this into your financial situation, as you will not be able to spread the costs of a bankruptcy lawyer over a period of payments.
A New York bankruptcy lawyer can charge anywhere from $800 to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on your financial circumstances and the amount of work that will need to be conducted on your behalf.  Ensure that you get all fee agreements in writing and that you understand the fees before allowing any lawyer to represent you.  
Interviewing your attorney
When meeting with New York bankruptcy lawyers, ask some of the following:
What are the total expenses I should expect when I hire you?
What services will your provide?
Will I be in a better financial situation afterwards?
Can you tell me exactly how the process works and how long it should take?
What steps can I take to help myself during the process?
When are you available and how can I contact you when I need your advice?
When will you contact me for updates about my case?
Anytime you have financial difficulties and are facing a stressed economic outlook, you want to do everything you can to protect your hard earned money from creditors.  High interest rates, long payment schedules, and unexpected economic changes can all affect your financial standing and quickly put you trouble.  Your home, cars, and savings can be protected, but it is up to you to find the proper legal representation to help you through the process. Before you act to try to fix your situation, you should consult one of the numerous available bankruptcy lawyers.  New York and the federal government all provide methods of protecting your assets but it is important that you seek a bankruptcy professional to help you.    
The first important step of achieving better financial footing is to contact a bankruptcy lawyer in New York.  They will evaluate your situation and advise you on the next steps you should take.  They may advise you to file for bankruptcy or they may not.  Many times, New York bankruptcy lawyers will advise clients to try to tighten their expenses without seeking bankruptcy protection.  This is because bankruptcy is not right for every candidate and it is important that you listen to the advice of a qualified bankruptcy lawyer.  New York has seen a lot of filings for bankruptcy, however there are just as many people who bankruptcy is not appropriate.  
If your lawyer does advise you to seek bankruptcy protection, then you will go through a process that will look closely at all of your financial history and current economic standing.  You should be prepared to discuss all of your economic realities in an open manner and with numerous professionals in bankruptcy court,  Once your filing is completed, you will be freed from the monthly expenses that were hurting you before.  However, the price you will pay is damaged credit.  You will not be able to get credit cards, purchase items on credit, get a car lease, or purchase a new home.