Guide to Finding Texas Divorce Lawyer

Guide to Finding Texas Divorce Lawyer

Guide to Finding Texas Divorce Lawyer
How do I find a Texas Divorce Lawyer?
Divorce is an extremely emotional and difficult time in ones life.  It is often said that those going to divorce are facing the worst part of their lives.  While divorce is never an option people consider when they first get married, it is often an unfortunate reality for many people throughout Texas.  Divorce lawyer help should be sought if you are facing the following issues:
- If you are considering filing for divorce but are unsure of what the process will be, what consequences may be incurred, and what type of divorce you should seek. 
- If a spouse has informed you of their wishes to seek a divorce, you must seek your own Texas divorce lawyer.  
- If you are seeking the custody of children who are either the result of a marriage or not.  
Texas divorce lawyers are available for consultation and help but it is up to you to seek their services.  However, finding the right divorce lawyer can sometimes be a difficult task. 
What to tell your lawyer
When you first speak with a Texas divorce lawyer, it is important that you discuss all aspects of your situation.  This may involve very personal details and unpleasant memories, however it is necessary that you supply your lawyer with all important information so that they can best asses your situation.  Be sure to tell your lawyer about why you or your spouse is seeking the divorce and be honest about the details.  Your lawyer is required to abide by confidentiality rules, so what you say will not be disclosed without your consent.  

Where to look for a Seattle lawyer
Texas divorce lawyers can be found throughout the state and will often advertise their services using many different media outlets.  You may see in some parts of Texas television advertisements, newspaper advertisements, or even billboards on the side of the highway.  While these may be good sources for finding the names and locations of Texas divorce lawyers, so not rely on the promises they may make or be distracted by bright lights and big words.  
Instead, try to use outside sources to ensure that your are getting a Texas divorce lawyer that can properly work on your case.  The internet can provide very good information.  This website provides a search function that can help you find and compare qualified Texas divorce lawyers in your area.    

Do I need a specialist?
The procedures of divorce in Texas are unique and require the expertise of a lawyer who has practiced divorce law in Texas.  While there are rare cases in which both spouses agree to the divorce and terms of the divorce without issue, most cases involve spouses who are trying to fight with each other over money, property, and custody of children.  It is important to seek the help of an experienced Texas divorce lawyer when facing a difficult and time consuming divorce.  

Preparing for an appointment
Before meeting with you Texas divorce lawyer, you should be prepared to bring with you any important documents to show the lawyer.  Divorce in Texas requires that at least one spouse is a resident of the state, so bring in any proof of residency you may have.  It may also be important to bring with you financial documents for your lawyer to review.  Besides documents, it is also very important that you bring with you the specific names, dates, places, and times of the important events that lead to your divorce. Review any information that you are unsure of, as your Texas divorce lawyer will be able to provide help only with accurate information.  
Prepare some questions before meeting with your lawyer.  They can help you get the answers you need while also helping the lawyer understand what is important to you in regards to your divorce.  

Evaluating Experience & Education
Texas divorce lawyers must meet the basic requirements as set by the Texas Bar Association.  They must graduate from an accredited law school, anywhere in the United States.  They then must pass specific character and fitness requirements in order to be approved for practice.  Finally, they must sit and pass for the Texas state bar examination.  While these are the basic requirements, it is very important that you seek the help of a qualified lawyer who has experience helping clients file for divorce.  Do not pick just any lawyer, as the consequences of having an inexperienced lawyer work on your divorce can have far reaching consequences.  
Try to seek the help of outside sources, such as previous clients, members of the community, or the Texas state bar association for help in determining if a certain Texas divorce lawyer is right for you.    

Personality & Values
Skilled Texas divorce lawyers will have knowledge of all the procedures of filing divorce and know how to strategically work on your divorce to get as much of what you want.  They should have strong communication skills and be great negotiators, as much of divorce law requires coming to agreements and settling financial and family matters.  Texas divorce lawyers are a small knit community so many have professional connections with each other and the legal professionals in the court system.  
Often, you will find a Texas divorce lawyers will typically represent a certain type of client.  Some will usually represent mostly women clients while others will mostly represent men.  While there are no formal guidelines about this, it may be important that you keep this in mind when considering a law firm.  While the laws are meant to treat both men and women equally, there may be some times when lawyers, judges, and court professionals do not.  If you believe there is any unethical behavior by any legal professional involved in your case, contact the Texas Bar Association to ensure that your rights are protected.  

Rates, Fees & Retainers
Texas divorce lawyers will charge a variety of fees depending on the level of service they will provide.  Very basic no-fault divorce proceedings in Texas will require between $150 and $300 in court filing fees.  While these are the minimum fees, you should expect to pay much more for the help of a lawyer.  Lawyers may charge a one time flat fee, usually between $500 to $2000, depending on the complexity of the case. 
More expensive Texas divorce lawyers will charge an hourly basis, which can range from $100 to $500 an hour.  The expenses from these lawyers can quickly escalate to very large amounts, so it is recommended you only hire these types of lawyers if you can afford them.
Remember, you will get the quality of legal services that you pay for.  If you can afford it, it is worth it to spend the money on qualified Texas divorce lawyers to help you move on with your life.  

Interviewing your attorney
Consider asking the following when meeting with a Texas divorce lawyer: 
What are your rates and fees?
Are there any other expenses that I should expect to pay?
How long should this process take?
What experience do you have in cases similar to mine?
When can I contact you to discuss events in my case and when will you contact me with updates?

Divorce Lawyers in Texas
A divorce lawyer in Texas will typically work on no-fault divorce cases that involve mutual agreement to divorce but no agreement on how to divide property, assets, and custody of children.  Divorce lawyers in Texas must be able to negotiate with their own clients and opposing parties who are in very emotional states and often are not thinking in a rational manner.  Divorce can be a very litigious and angry battle between two parties who have very strong personal feelings about each other.  
Whenever facing the prospects of an impending divorce, you must contact a divorce lawyer.  Texas divorce lawyers can help guide you through the process while protecting you assets, home, and family.  Sometimes these family issues may also involve criminal procedures, so ensure that your divorce lawyer in Texas also has experience defending criminal matters if it will be a part of your divorce.  




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