Guide to Finding Theft Lawyer

Guide to Finding Theft Lawyer

Guide to Finding Theft Lawyer
How do I find a Theft Lawyer?

       A theft lawyer specializes in defending clients who have been charged with a criminal offense that involves the taking of another's property without their possession.  Theft is a broad legal concept that covers some of the following specific charges:

- Simple or grand larceny is the taking of another's property without their permission while having the intent to permanently deprive them of that property. 

- Robbery is the taking of another's property by use of threats or force.  This type of theft is usually considered more serious, as it involves some form of violence or aggression. 

- Burglary is defined as the breaking and entering of another's property with intent to commit a crime within, typically to take certain property.   

       If you are charged with any type of theft crime, it is very important that you obtain the services of an experienced theft lawyer as you may be facing very serious consequences depending on the severity of the crime.   
What to tell your attorney

       It is important that you come to your theft lawyer ready to discuss the events that brought about the charges against you.  Show any documents you have received, including but not limited to court papers, police reports, or letters from the government.  You will need to give a good factual description of all events, including any encounters with the police, any arrest, questioning by police, or anything else that happened.  Do not be afraid to be open and forthright with your lawyer, as they must abide by confidentiality rules and outside of certain extreme exceptions, cannot disclose what you say to him or her without your permission. 
Where to look for an attorney

       Many theft lawyers will advertise their services are will have listings in the phone book.  These can be good sources for finding a private defense lawyer to help you through the criminal process.  If you cannot afford a defense lawyer, one may be afforded to you by the state depending on the severity of the charges you face.  It is advisable that you find a good private defense lawyer if you can afford to do so, as public defenders typically have very large caseloads and sometimes cannot provide the time and effort on your specific case that you need. 

This website may be a valuable resource for you to find theft lawyers that fit your needs.  The search located at the top of each page can be used to find theft lawyer listings in your area and provide valuable information about them. 
Do I need a specialist?

       It will be important that you find a theft lawyer that has experience working in the criminal justice area.  It is especially important to find one that specializes in the jurisdiction where you are facing charges.  Often, these defense lawyers have worked in the system for a long time, as either volunteer lawyers, prosecutors, or public defenders.  They will often have relationships with prosecutors and judges in the area and will know how to best represent you in your case.  
Preparing for an appointment

       Come prepared to discuss the charges you are facing and the events surrounding them.  It will be important that you bring all relevant documents so that your defense lawyer can review your case and act quickly on your behalf.  It may be important to meet specific deadlines in criminal matters, so make sure that you meet with your theft lawyer as soon as possible and that you do not miss any appointments or court hearings.  It may be an emotional and physically draining time in your life, but come prepared to work with your theft lawyer to best defend your case.  

Make sure to have several questions ready to be answered any theft lawyer that you retain.  You will want to stay informed about your case and how to best help your lawyer in implementing your defense.  
Evaluating Experience & Education

       While all lawyers must graduate from law school and pass the bar, it is important that you seek an experienced lawyer who has been involved in the criminal field of law.  Former prosecutors, former police officers, and even former judges can be the best private criminal defenders that you can find.  Knowing how to use the system to your advantage is what a good theft lawyer will be able to do, so make sure you chosen lawyer has ties to the local court system and knows how to do all of these things. 

       Advertisements alone may not be the way to choose which of the many theft lawyers are right for you, but it is important to get a list of several lawyers so you can choose the one that is right for you.   
Personality & Values

       A good theft lawyer will have great negotiating skills and have a strong knowledge of the criminal justice system.  They will be experienced in aggressively defending their clients but at the same time will be open and able to easily communicate with you about your case.  Make sure that when you are choosing your theft lawyer, that you pick one that you feel comfortable with and trust.  This lawyer will be defending you and representing you in one of the most trying and difficult processes in your life, so make sure you feel as though you are in good hands with your lawyer.

       While your lawyer is the expert and should be listened to when going through the criminal justice process, make sure that he or she also listens to you and understands what you want to want to happen.  Do not let a theft lawyer pressure you to take deals or make concessions that you are not comfortable with. 
Rates, Fees & Retainers

       Typically, theft lawyers will charge on either an hourly or flat fee basis.  If the lawyer charges on an hourly basis, they will most likely require a retainer fee.  A retainer is an up front payment that is used to pay for legal work as it is billed.  The money paid into a retainer cannot be refunded but only used for legal work and expenses.  A flat fee rate means that a lawyer will charge only for specific work that they will do.  For example, a lawyer may charge one flat fee for defending a small matter, such as simple larceny.  

       The type of fees will depend on the seriousness of the charges faced by the client.  The more serious the crime, the more likely a lawyer will charge an hourly fee with a retainer and the more expensive it will be to hire a defense lawyer. 
Interviewing your attorney

When you meet with your theft lawyer, consider the following:

       Get a good understanding of the fees and expenses that will be incurred for hiring a theft lawyer.  If you do not understand certain fees make sure to ask the lawyer about them and question why you are going pay certain fees. 

       Get to know your lawyer and develop a trust with him or her.  The theft lawyer will be defending you against charges that may result in serious fines or jail time, so developing a strong relationship with your lawyer is very important.  

       Stay in communication with your lawyer so that you can update him or her with new developments in your case and so that your lawyer can keep you informed about the status of your case.  It can be a very long and difficult process, so make sure you know when important events and changes to your case take place.




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