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Guide to Finding Wisconsin Lawyer

Guide to Finding Wisconsin Lawyer

How do I find a Wisconsin Lawyer?
     Wisconsin lawyers can be found in all areas of the law and have practices both large and small.  You should seek the services of a lawyer in Wisconsin in the following situations:
– If you are injured by an accident that occurred in the state of Wisconsin or by one of its residents. 
– If you are facing either a civil lawsuit or criminal charges in the state of Wisconsin. 
– Or if Wisconsin law is an integral part of your legal issue and your are dealing with a state agency.  
When facing legal issues connected to the state, finding a qualified Wisconsin lawyer should be one of your top priorities.  
What to tell your lawyer
     When you do find a lawyer you believe you may hire, ensure that you discuss your case in as much detail as possible.  Specifically, you will need to give times, dates, names, and places.  Even if something seems unimportant or you feel may hurt your case, you need to give this information to your lawyer.  Only a fully informed Wisconsin lawyer can evaluate your case and properly start the procedures needed to meet your needs. 
Where to look for an Wisconsin Lawyer
     Wisconsin lawyers will usually advertise in the region where they practice, which you have probably seen on television, the radio, or in print ads.  Lawyers also advertise using lawyers listings and referral services.  While these sources of information can provide you with the names and locations of lawyers, you should still seek additional information to ensure that they are experienced enough to properly represent you.  It is important that you evaluate their years of experience, reputation, and any other information that can help you in your decisions.   
     This website provides information for finding and comparing lawyers in your area.  Use of the search function at the top of the page can lead you to the information that you seek. 

Do I need a specialist?
     It is always important that you select a lawyer that has worked in the state of your legal problem and is familiar with the unique laws and processes of the state.  Wisconsin lawyers are no different, as they will have the knowledge of Wisconsin law that you will require.  Besides being a qualified Wisconsin lawyer, your lawyer should also be one that specializes in the area of the law in which you need help.  Criminal, civil, personal injury, family, and estate planning lawyers are just some of the types of specialties of the law.   
Preparing for an appointment
     When you meet with your Wisconsin lawyer, make sure that you bring all documents that pertain to your case.  This may include police reports, medical records, or financial statements.  It all depends on the type of legal problem you are having.  If you are not sure of what to bring, speak with the lawyer prior to the meeting and he or she will tell you what you need to bring.  Have any factual information ready for review by the lawyer and double check any facts of which you are unsure.    
     Prepare questions for your lawyer in advance of the meeting.  It is important that you have your questions answered so that you are aware of how the process works and what legal steps you need to take.  
Evaluating Experience & Education
     All Wisconsin lawyers must graduate from an accredited law school and pass the Wisconsin bar examination.  They must also be in good ethical standing with the state bar and meet certain continuing education credits.  While these may be the minimum requirements for practicing in Wisconsin, your lawyer should also have extensive experience working in the legal field.  Make sure that your lawyer has the proper amount of experience to both answer all legal questions you have and to properly represent you.  
     Advertisements may make claims that a lawyer has experience and will promise results, ensure that you are getting what you are paying for and conduct some research about the lawyer of your choice.  
Personality & Values
     Wisconsin lawyers should have an understanding of Wisconsin law and have deep connections to the region in which they practice.  Your lawyer should have a network of professionals, including court workers, other lawyers, and technical experts.  When meeting with your lawyer, treat it like an interview in which you are evaluating the quality of the lawyer.  Ask about their experience, successful cases, and how long they have been specializing in the legal area.  It is also important that you develop a good relationship with your lawyer, as you will most likely be working with this lawyer for months or possibly years.  
Rates, Fees & Retainers
     The fees and rates of Wisconsin lawyers will vary from lawyer to lawyer and will depend on the type of legal work that needs to be done. Always ensure that you fully understand the legal fees and expenses before making any agreement for representation. 
     A contingency fee is will result in payment to the lawyer only if the lawyer can bring his or her client an award or settlement agreement.  The usual fee will be 30% to 40% of the total monetary award. While this may be a large fee, it is helpful for clients who cannot afford to put money up front for expensive legal services and protects against unsuccessful lawsuits.  
     An hourly or flat fee requires up front payments for specific legal work that is to be completed.  A retainer is usually required for a lawyer that will be payed under an hourly fee structure.  These methods of payment can grow into very large amounts if a legal issue persists or requires extensive time and effort to complete. 
Interviewing your attorney
     Always consider the following points when speaking with your Wisconsin lawyer:
– Make sure you understand the expenses that will be incurred by hiring a lawyer.  If you are unsure of the fees and rates, ask the lawyer to clarify.  Get any fee agreements in writing and always keep track of any expenses, billed hours, or settlement agreements.  
– Ensure that your lawyer has the proper experience by asking about prior cases, how long they have been in practice, and what areas they specialize.  
– Know how to contact the lawyer and when they will be available.  You will need to contact your lawyer to inform him or her of changes in your circumstances and your lawyer should consult you for decisions to be made about your case, especially when discussing settlements.   
Lawyers In Wisconsin
     When you are facing a legal issue in Wisconsin, retaining services of an experienced lawyer in Wisconsin will be necessary to protect your rights, property, or assets.  It is especially important that you find a lawyer that is both licensed in Wisconsin but also has plenty of experience as a specialty lawyer.  Wisconsin has many available sources of information about lawyers in Wisconsin, so look for government listings, recommended law firms, and other informational sources.  The Wisconsin Lawyer Directory can be an important source of names and locations of lawyers who can help you in all of your legal needs.  
     The internet can provide a wealth of information in your search for lawyers.  Wisconsin has many regions, so it is important to make sure that when you seek a lawyer in Wisconsin, that they are in the same region.  Again, consult the Wisconsin Lawyer Directory to ensure that a lawyer is available in your region that knows how to handle your case or is willing to try your case with the consultation of other experienced lawyers.  Many times, lawyers will be very helpful in directing you towards trusted lawyers in other areas of practice, if they cannot handle your case.  
Office of Lawyer Regulation: Wisconsin
     The office of lawyer regulation: Wisconsin is the best source of information regarding lawyer’s ethical and consumer complaints.  If you are unsure of your lawyer’s ethical history, this office of the Wisconsin Supreme Court can provide all the information you need on specific lawyers and law firms.  It is very important that if you are the victim of unethical behavior by a Wisconsin lawyer that you file a grievance with the office of lawyer regulation: Wisconsin.  Much lawyer regulation information is available on the website of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, so be sure to check the background of any potential legal representative before you hire.