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Guide to Finding Minnesota Divorce Lawyer

Guide to Finding Minnesota Divorce Lawyer


Seeking divorce is a stressful and difficult process.  If you need a divorce in the state of Minnesota, you may be wondering how a Minnesota divorce lawyer could assist in the process.  Whether you are in the very first stages of contemplating divorce or separation, or if you are in the middle of a difficult divorce process, MN divorce lawyers can help you to dissolve your marriage while keeping what matters to you most.  


This guide will help you understand the role of your MN divorce lawyer in Minnesota's divorce laws and how Minnesota divorce lawyers can aid you in navigating the divorce court system.  You will learn how MN divorce lawyers can assist you with child support, spousal support, and child custody arrangements.  You will also learn the difference between contested and uncontested divorces, and how your choice affects the fees of Minnesota divorce lawyers.  Once you have read this guide, you can begin to seek representation by qualified MN divorce lawyers with a solid understanding of their job.


Do I Need A Minnesota Divorce Lawyer?


The state of Minnesota allows you to file for divorce with or without the assistance of a MN divorce lawyer.  However, consulting with a Minnesota divorce lawyer can help you to understand the rights that you have as a spouse or parent, and Minnesota divorce lawyers are experienced in seeking the best possible divorce settlements for their clients.


Can I Afford a Minnesota Divorce Lawyer?


Divorce can already be messy and expensive, and you may worry that hiring MN divorce lawyers will simply add to your expenses.  However, given how subjective so much of divorce court negotiation can be, a Minnesota divorce lawyer may actually be able to save you money.  


Depending on what kind of divorce you seek, your MN divorce lawyer may offer you a flat fee service or charge based on an hourly rate.  Either way, an initial consultation with Minnesota divorce lawyers can keep you informed on their fee structures and your divorce options.  Consulting with a Minnesota divorce lawyer can let you make an informed decision about representation and fees.


Contested and Uncontested Divorces


If you are seeking a divorce, have no children, and can agree on how to divide all of your marital property, your MN divorce lawyers will advise you that you are eligible to file for an uncontested divorce.  These divorces are streamlined so that you can divorce with a minimum of involvement from your MN divorce lawyer.  Because uncontested divorces are simpler and involve less negotiation, many Minnesota divorce lawyers will file an uncontested divorce for a low flat fee.


If you have children, or cannot agree on how to divide your property, your Minnesota divorce lawyer can help you to start a contested divorce.  In a contested divorce, each of your MN divorce lawyers will negotiate along with a divorce court judge to divide your property fairly.  Because these cases are more complex and hard to predict, your MN divorce lawyer will charge an hourly rate.  Minnesota divorce lawyers can provide an estimate of the hours required to file your divorce case, allowing you to budget, but your Minnesota divorce lawyer may need more or less time than the estimate.


Minnesota Divorce Lawyers and Spousal Support


In some cases, Minnesota allows your Minnesota divorce lawyer to seek money from the other spouse as spousal support, or alimony.  Whether you are the spouse seeking alimony or attempting to avoid paying alimony, a Minnesota divorce lawyer can make sure your voice is heard.  Minnesota divorce lawyers understand the complex factors that divorce court lawyers look at when trying to decide whether to grant spousal support, and your MN divorce lawyer can make your situation more understandable to a judge.


Your Minnesota divorce lawyer can also use the benefit of his or her experience to tell you how likely you are to receive alimony, and MN divorce lawyers can help you decide whether to seek it or to focus on other aspects of your case.


Child Support


In divorce proceedings, Minnesota divorce lawyers know that courts determine child support payments based on the best interests of the children involved.  If your case involves child support, a Minnesota divorce lawyer can assist you in negotiating a fair child support settlement that provides for your children and remains affordable.


MN divorce lawyers are often also versed in family court law and can advise you as to your options for enforcing child support if your spouse has become delinquent.  Because negotiating a fair amount of child support can be difficult, hiring a Minnesota divorce lawyer gives you the best chance at an equitable arrangement that both spouses can agree to.


Child Custody and PAS


Divorce battles over child custody can become emotional rapidly.  Minnesota divorce lawyers are experienced in negotiating child custody arrangements.  Whether you are seeking sole custody, joint custody, or visitation rights, your MN divorce lawyer can help you see your children more.


As divorces get ugly, some parents choose to alienate children from their other parent.  If you suspect your child's other parent is doing this, consult with a Minnesota divorce lawyer immediately.  Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a newly-understood syndrome that occurs when one parent tries to turn his or her children against the other parent.  Since divorce courts grant child custody based on the best interests of the child, MN divorce lawyers can help you to prove that your child has PAS and get custody for you.


Retaining the services of Minnesota divorce lawyers gives you the best chance of keeping your children and obtaining the custody arrangements you want.  Your MN divorce lawyer can help you figure out which type of custody is right for you, and MN divorce lawyers can tell you how likely you are to obtain the kind of custody you are seeking based on their experience in previous cases.




When emotions get in the way of solutions, Minnesota divorce lawyers can use mediation techniques to bring you and your former spouse into agreement.  Your Minnesota divorce lawyer, along with your spouse's MN divorce lawyer, can introduce you to a neutral, third-party mediator who can negotiate with both spouses and MN divorce lawyers to find a division of property that is equitable for both spouses.

Guide to Finding Florida Divorce Lawyer

Guide to Finding Florida Divorce Lawyer


Not every marriage is destined to last. Sometimes you and your spouse may need to separate. You do not always need FL divorce lawyers to end your relationship. In many cases, you will be able to complete the paperwork yourself. Here are some of the many factors to consider if you think you may need the help of a FL divorce lawyer.


Types of divorce


Broadly speaking there are three different ways to end a marriage:


• In a no-fault divorce, neither spouse is held responsible for a relationship’s failure. You may be simply be incompatible or have other reasons to separate. These are the simplest kinds of separations and can often be completed without consulting a Florida divorce lawyer.


• In an at-fault divorce, one party or another is being held at fault for the end of a relationship. For example, your partner may be abusive or unwilling to consent to a separation. You will need to prove in family court that you need a divorce. Florida divorce lawyers can help you build a strong case.


• Annulments cover marriages that were never legal to begin with. One or both parties may have been intoxicated during the marriage ceremony, or your spouse may have already been married. This also applies to marriages in which one party was underage.


Negotiating your divorce


If you and your spouse agree upon everything, you will not need a Florida divorce lawyer unless you are especially concerned about the validity of your paperwork. Together, you can draft a petition for divorce and submit it to the relevant family court. There are many forms that can guide you through this “pro se” process, which will spare you the expense of hiring Florida divorce lawyers.


Even in the case of a no-fault divorce, sometimes you and your spouse may be unable to agree on the terms of your separation. FL divorce lawyers can help if you disagree over:


• How to divide property

• Who retains custody of any children

• Visitation rights

• Alimony payments


There are several different options to explore if you and your spouse want to resolve your differences before going to court. A FL divorce lawyer can help with:


• Mediated divorces. You and your spouse agree to negotiate the terms of your divorce. Your advisor may be a Florida divorce lawyer or a non-attorney qualified to help with this process. Neither party needs an attorney for this process. If you are not able to resolve your differences during this process, you may need to find a FL divorce lawyer to represent you in court.


• Collaborative divorces. Much like mediated divorce, you and your partner agree to try to resolve your differences without going to court. However, any temporary agreements you sign will not be binding if a final solution is not reached. In this case, you and your spouse will need to call upon different Florida divorce lawyers for your court date.




One of the most contentious parts of the divorce process can be establishing alimony payments. These are payments made by one spouse to their divorced partner. Frequently this area can require the help of a FL divorce lawyer, whether in court or in the course of divorce. There are no set amounts of alimony payments, which are decided on a case-by-case basis. Factors your Florida divorce lawyer and the courts will consider include:


• The length of the marriage


• What kind of standard of living existed during the marriage


• How much each spouse contributed to the marriage in areas such as child care and the level of financial input


• How well each party is capable of taking care of themselves as an individual physically, emotionally and financially


• How much income is available to each person


There are six kinds of alimony FL divorce lawyers can seek:


• Permanent alimony generally only applies to marriages that have lasted at least seven years. This is awarded to spouses who have not worked or are incapable of working. Florida divorce lawyers may seek this for people who have been seriously injured or are otherwise incapable of looking after themselves.


• Rehabilitative alimony generally applies to marriages that have lasted less than 17 years. A Florida divorce lawyer applying for this kind of alimony must work with his or her client to prove that they have a plan to prepare to earn their own income but need money to support them for the time being.


• Durational alimony bridges the gap between these two kinds of support, setting a fixed amount of support for a definite amount of time. This does not require the spouse seeking support or their FL divorce lawyer to demonstrate that they have a plant to re-enter the work force.


• Temporary alimony supports you during the divorce proceedings.


• Lump-sum alimony is a one-time settlement applied in unusual cases.


• Bridge-the-gap alimony lasts no more than two years and serves as a temporary support system for a person adjusting from married to single life.


If you are seeking alimony, FL divorce lawyers can help you determine what kind of payment you can realistically expect to receive. No two cases will be alike.


Finding a Florida divorce lawyer


Couples who can cooperate while completing the petition for divorce will not need private legal counsel. Florida divorce lawyers enter the picture when there is disagreement or you want help with the paperwork. It will save you time and money if you can agree what you both want from the separation.


If you need a FL divorce lawyer, ask friend and family to recommend a specialist they have worked with in the past. You may also ask the Florida Bar Association to refer you to the appropriate legal counsel. You may need someone who specializes in child custody, alimony or just in mediating divorce proceedings. Different FL divorce lawyers are best suited for different kinds of disputes.

Guide to Finding Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer

Guide to Finding Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer


Getting a divorce can be an emotionally difficult, time-consuming, expensive process.  While the State of Pennsylvania allows divorcing spouses to represent themselves in court, you may want the services of a PA divorce lawyer.  Finding PA divorce lawyers to represent you in court can make the difference between getting the divorce settlement you want and being left empty-handed.  A Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can give you legal advice and information about your divorce and help you to make informed legal decisions in spite of the confusing way the law can be written.


Fault or No Fault: Let a PA Divorce Lawyer Guide Your Decision


Prior to 1980, Pennsylvania divorce lawyers could only seek divorce proceedings for spouses who could prove that the other spouse was “at fault.”  This means that a divorce could only be sought by a PA divorce lawyer if a spouse had behaved in a way that would injure the other spouse, like being adulterous or bigamous, or endangering the other spouse's life or health.  


Today's Pennsylvania divorce lawyers usually work with “no fault” divorce, a kind of divorce that allows your Pennsylvania divorce lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings regardless of whether your spouse has behaved in a way that injured you.  PA divorce lawyers can help you file no fault paperwork whether your divorce is simple or complex.


If both spouses can agree to a divorce on the no-fault grounds of “irretrievable breakdown,” PA divorce lawyers can begin work on a divorce even without a period of separation.  If you wish to divorce but your spouse does not, a PA divorce lawyer can only initiate a divorce on “fault” grounds for the first two years you are separated.  After two years of separation, Pennsylvania divorce lawyers can begin the work of dissolving your marriage legally.


You may be wondering if divorcing on “fault” grounds can help your Pennsylvania divorce lawyer to secure a better division of property or child custody arrangements.  While it may seem logical that an injured spouse should receive better treatment in a divorce, experienced PA divorce lawyers can tell you that Pennsylvania courts cannot take marital misconduct into account when dividing property.  A Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can advise you on whether you would be best off seeking a divorce on fault or no-fault grounds if you can prove fault.


Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyers Give You Options


If your spouse will not agree to a divorce and will not initiate a separation, you may still have options that a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can discuss with you to help you file for divorce.  If your spouse has been cruel to you in your own home, for instance, Pennsylvania divorce lawyers can discuss the possibility of filing for divorce under the “fault” grounds of constructive desertion.


If you have been made suicidal because of your spouse, you can talk to PA divorce lawyers about the possibility of abandoning your home and essentially saying that your spouse had already deserted the marriage emotionally, a fault ground for divorce called “constructive desertion.”  However, consulting a PA divorce lawyer is a good idea if you are thinking of using this tactic, because you will want thorough documentation and advice.  


PA divorce lawyers can help you through this tricky situation in a way most likely to get you out of a bad home environment quickly.  Your Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can also help you to find services that can help you in a domestic violence situation.


Can A PA Divorce Lawyer Help Me Keep My Home?


One of the biggest reasons people hire a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer is to help them negotiate the best possible division of marital property.  Your PA divorce lawyer can advise you what your legal rights are and help you organize your priorities for keeping the marital property that means the most to you.  Having PA divorce a lawyer helping you to negotiate also keeps you out of potentially emotionally difficult arguments with your spouse and can help you to keep personal distance between yourself and your spouse.


One of the biggest reasons to use a PA divorce lawyer is that the divisions of property statutes are complex and confusing.  Judges consider many factors, from the length of your marriage to the monetary value of your services as a parent, when concluding how to divide property.  Your Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can help you by showing the judge the factors that help you the most, while minimizing factors that might hurt you.  PA divorce lawyers are experienced in negotiating the best possible division of property for their clients.


It is important to remember that Pennsylvania divorce lawyers are working for you.  If you want for your Pennsylvania divorce lawyer to handle your divorce aggressively, you can ask for this.  If you prefer PA divorce lawyers to be gentler with your spouse, and are willing to give up some property in the name of an amicable divorce, you can discuss those options with your PA divorce lawyers.  In the end, while Pennsylvania divorce lawyers can advise and inform you, they can never make your legal decisions for you.  Pennsylvania divorce lawyers are there as your legal counsel, not your boss.


What about alimony?


Alimony is another area in which Pennsylvania divorce lawyers can help divorcing spouses.  The state of Pennsylvania assigns alimony (or “spousal support”) only when it is seen as necessary—which can be difficult to prove without the services of a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer.  In order to determine whether it is necessary, judges look at many factors, which means that it is useful to have a PA divorce lawyer to highlight the parts of your case most favorable to your desired outcome.  A Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can help you have the best alimony settlement possible for your situation, and Pennsylvania divorce lawyers can ensure that you are aware of all your options for seeking spousal support.


Can My PA Divorce Lawyer Help Me Keep My Kids?


One of the most difficult issues for divorcing spouses to handle is child custody.  Pennsylvania divorce lawyers are trained professionals who can help you to negotiate during this difficult time.  Child custody cases depend entirely on what the court views as being in the best interests of your child or children, so hiring PA divorce lawyers to negotiate your custody arrangement can help you to see your child more often.


Your Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can also advise you as to your full range of custody options, including sole custody and joint custody, and help you find the custody option that will work best for you, your spouse, and your children.  Pennsylvania divorce lawyers are used to negotiating tough child custody disputes, and having a trained PA divorce lawyer in your corner means being able to negotiate from a position of power.  Consulting with a PA divorce lawyer to learn your options may make a difference in your life and the life of your children.